Newsletter Editor

As I am sure you are all aware our Treasurer, Karen, has been compiling the newsletter extremely well.

However in February she will stop this job and needs to hand it over to somebody else.

In order to do this job you would require a computer, telephone and about five hours a month.

This would be a nice opportunity for somebody to become more involved with the club and would be a great help to keep our lines of communication at their best.

If anyone is interested could you contact Karen, Eric or Pete.

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The Wessex Stationary Engine Club was founded in 1976 to develop and exchange views and information of stationary engines and the equipment that they drove.

We are an active vibrant club of like minded people who enjoy everything about old engines and machinery. This is only the beginning, we enjoy socialising together at rallies, crank ups and shows.

At the rallies and shows throughout the summer we enjoy our own old machinery as well as Stalls, Fairs, Entertainment, Kids Stuff and of course Plenty to Eat and Drink!! Come along and join us for some all round family entertainment.
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