Thank you for your interest in volunteering to help to run the Wessex Stationary Engine Club. There are two types of volunteer that are needed, and they are not mutually exclusive:

We are always in need of committee members. Committee members are also directors of the company and are covered by the protection given to directors of limited companies. The committee meets monthly in accordance with the Constitution of the WSEC Ltd. at the Old Down Inn, Emborough. However it is possible to join by Zoom if you are unable to attend in person, as indeed one valued committee member always does and some do from time to time as circumstances dictate. It would obviously be ideal for the whole committee to appear in person at the AGM, normally held around Feb/March time, but it is seldom the case!

We also need a Vice Chairman, who will be required to act as Chairman in the absence of the current incumbent and eventually to take over when he retires. Ideally it should be a current or past committee member or at least a long-term member of the club, but we are willing to consider any application. Enthusiasm and aptitude are more important attributes.

The second type of volunteer is for our rally team, which at the moment consists of just six people who meet roughly monthly in Trowbridge. Among these are some of the various section stewards. Our “main” show, now to be held at Southwick in June, will require a far bigger team than we have at present; these will include pay gate staff, car parking stewards, marshals etc. as well as poster and flyer distributers and physical help to set up prior to the event (and break down afterwards).

When it comes to arranging crank-ups we are happy for anyone who can find a suitable venue to liaise with the committee to find a suitable date and arrange logistic back up, and any ideas for other activities are always welcome and will be actively considered.

If you think you would enjoy helping in any capacity please contact the Chairman, Eric Gay on 01225 754374 or the Secretary on 07751 918283 or secretary@wessexsec.org